Muslim women seek unity to strengthen Ummah


Al-Mu’minaat (The Believing Women) has called on Muslim women to come together and positively impact humanity with their pristine virtues of fidelity, forthrightness, modesty and honesty known as innate characteristics of womenfolk.

Speaking during the grand finale of Al Muminat week which brought together Muslim women from different Islamic organisations, including the women wings of NASFAT, Qareeb, Izhaarul Haqq, Guild of Muslim Professionals (GMP), and Akhwaat, as well as FOMWAN, among others, the Lagos State Amirah (President) of Al-Mu’minaat, Hajia Bushrah Adeagbo-Jubril said Muslim women are raising the next generation of leaders and ambassadors, adding that the world cannot do without them.

She commended all invited organisations and members for their attendance at the event which she described as wonderful.

“Today is Women’s/Unity Day, the last day to wrap up this intense and wonderful week, where we will be looking at the topic: Muslim Women, The Nation Builders. It is indeed a great way to draw curtains on our activities for the 1445AH Al-Mu’minaat week! Alhamdulillah!

“If we need a reminder, then I want to tell us all that we (Muslimahs) are super amazing creatures. By Allah’s design, the world cannot do without us. We have all the power and energy to make the world a better place. If we need any evidence, then let us ponder on what we are doing in our various houses, with our various families. We are raising the next generation of leaders and ambassadors for Islam, and it is not an easy task. Who else will do it, if not us?”

Adeagbo-Jubril said she was fulfilled with the various activities held to mark the week, expressing hope that participants would become better individuals.

“The value of women in Islam is undeniable to any logical mind. Women are the mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters of society (raisers of generations, builders of nations). Women play important roles in raising upright children, upholding Islam in the home, and establishing religious values to those around them and beyond,” she said.

Also, the Amirah called on governments at all levels to live up to their electoral promises.
She said the fuel subsidy removal policy is good but the immediate consequences are impacting adversely on citizens, advocating fair distribution of palliatives and repair of refineries.

“We enjoin the government to execute policies and programmes that will make life meaningful and impactful to the citizenry. The economic policy of stopping the fraudulent oil subsidy regime is no doubt commendable but the people are not enjoying the immediate consequences. So we implore the government to ensure that the palliatives are distributed with fairness and equity, not for only political party members.

“We also demand that our refineries be repaired and new ones built to crash the prices of petroleum products. In addition, efforts should be geared in the direction of making more vehicle engines that would be fueled by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Policies and investment in this alternative fuel will no doubt make our economy better, in Shaa Allah.”

The Chairperson, Planning Committee, Al-Mu’minaat Week, Hajia Baliqees Abdullah, said other activities highlighted during the week included a medical caravan across the 21 LGAs which featured a sensitisation on arthritis and free medical checkup for hepatitis, malaria and blood sugar, as well as visitation to Atinuke Memorial Home for the Disabled in Badagry, where they donated wheelchairs, mattresses and other items to support the facility.

“Another highlight of the week was the launch of a borehole at Orisha Village, along Magodo area of Lagos State, as a special community service to the state and a tour to media houses.”

The Guest Lecturer, Hajia Adedeji Rukayat Adebisi, said Muslim women should prioritise the fear of Allah (taqwa) in all their endeavours.
“A Muslim woman is a unique woman who understands the purpose of her creation. She believes in Allah as her Lord and Sustainer. Her way of life is guided by the Qur’an and Islam. She does not do anything except whatever Allah has instructed her to do.

“This is the type of woman Allah describes in the Holy Qur’an (Chapter 60 Verse 12) where Allah commanded the Prophet (SAW) that when women come to you to take the oath of allegiance, they should pledge that they would never associate partners with Allah. The Muslimah we are talking about is the one who will never associate partners with Allah. She will not steal others’ property. She is not a rumour monger and she takes care of her home. She is obedient to her husband and takes care of her child(ren) the right way. In society, she is honest and at work, she is the best whether as a public or private sector worker,” she said.

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