I returned missing $8,000 in Mecca to avoid Allah’s wrath – Pilgrim


The money in question was in a purse and it was lost by its owner in the Holy Mosque of Mecca. I came across the money when I was going around the Holy Kaaba as part of Hajj activities. I didn’t know what was in the purse until I returned to my hotel room. Immediately I opened the purse, I saw some money in dollars and I quickly closed the purse and went direct to Sheikh Ahmed Kanoma who is a prominent Islamic scholar in Zamfara State.

Sheikh Kanoma in the company of other government delegations opened the purse and counted the money inside and discovered the sum of $8,000. I begged them to look for the owner of the money. After some days, the owner of the money who is from one of the Arabic countries was found and when he mentioned the amount in the purse and where he lost it, the money was handed over to him. He counted the money and discovered that it was intact. The man who had lost hope was surprised to see his money given back to him.

You see, I was in the Holy land of Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj which is the five pillars of Islam. I was there to seek the blessings of Allah. So, if I had refused to return the money to the owner, do you think Allah will be pleased with me? I am also sure that Allah will surely ask me about this money in the world hereafter. This could also lead me to hellfire. So, that explains why I decided to return the money to the owner when I found it. I returned the money to avoid the wrath of Allah.

– Punch

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