My job as Islamic Preacher is far better than this trial – Dr. Abdullateef, New Chairman of NDIC


Abdulhakeem Abdullateef, the new chairman of the Governing Board of the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), has issued a warning to friends and associates to refrain from putting pressure on him with their personal requests. In a statement on his verified Facebook page, Abdullateef, a former Lagos lawmaker and commissioner, emphasized that he is willing to sacrifice his personal friendships to achieve a “model for zero tolerance for corruption and lawlessness.”

1. My appointment and confirmation as NDIC Chairman is a trial from my Lord and not a success yet. Kindly reserve the congratulatory messages until the day I succeed in leaving this organisation better than I met it.

2. Stop putting pressures on me with requests. I will not honour your requests. I am going to be very different. I am ready to lose friends and relationships. I will not award any contract throughout my tenure because that is not a part of my responsibilities. I will not interfere in the functions of Management. I am not excited about my new office and I am ready to quit if I am asked to leave tomorrow. You have no idea what my role entails. I will not take any step to  betray my education, experience and exposure. No threat or pressure can recruit me into the stinking system we complain of.

3. I am just a leader whose primary assignment is to LEAD the Governing Board of NDIC in  good corporate governance and best practices in accordance with established rules and regulations. I will not do otherwise.

4. My team promises to be  a model for zero tolerance for corruption and  lawlessness.

5. My job as  as an Islamic Preacher is far better than this trial and for your information,  I have not left serving my Lord.

6. To all those concerned, please stay on your lane. Do not bring anything before me except what is right.

7. I need around me only those who understand that they will enter their graves with nothing and are truly determined to bring about the needed change in this country.

8.Thank you so much for avoiding me.

9. While thanking Allah for this appointment I pray it does not become a reason for my disgrace and humiliation in this world and the hereafter.

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