Must-have Apps for every Muslim in 2023


There are countless Islamic apps available free of cost with many different resources. These will help you improve your knowledge of Islam and become more regular in your prayer.

Here are our top ten picks for must-have apps for 2023:

  1. Muslim Pro
    The most comprehensive Islamic mobile application out there. Since its launch in 2009, the app has over 143 million downloads. In addition, the app registered an average of 4.3 million Daily Active Users (DAU) in 2022, which means that over 4 million users accessed the app on a daily basis last year.

Muslim Pro has everything from telling accurate prayer times to pointing towards the Qibla, along with containing the Holy Quran in Arabic and various other languages and entire books of Hadith. The application helps you observe your prayers regularly.

Qalbox, a revolutionary streaming service that offers Muslim lifestyle content showcasing the diversity of Muslim identities and cultures, was also released by Bitsmedia in 2022.

Viewers can expect to stream a variety of content, including documentaries, scripted shows, and movies, as well as children’s animations and Quranic recitations and supplications (du’a).

Qalbox’s content library highlights various representations and nuances of Muslims around the world.

The Muslim Pro app for iOS and Android devices, as well as web app, both offer Qalbox.

  1. Guide Islam
    The perfect application for new reverts and existing Muslims alike, Guide Islam is the best app if you wish to learn about Islam. The app includes a complete compilation of the Holy Quran in many languages besides Arabic.

The app also has many different resources, from biographies of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) and his companions, as well as a detailed explanation of the verses of the Holy Quran.

Understand Islam and get to learn beyond the fundamentals through this app.

  1. iQuranPro
    The Holy Quran is the basis of the most authentic and accurate knowledge of Islam. It is a source of guidance and wisdom for all.

Reading the Quran is important as it invokes Allah’s pleasure. Muslims who recite the Holy Book receive blessings. The need to recite and read the Holy Quran is mentioned many times in the Quran itself. In Surah Al-Muzzammil, Allah says:

“or a little more-and recite Quran properly in a measured way.” [73:4]

  1. Verify Halal
    The Verify Halal app is a tremendously helpful mobile application if you reside in or travel in a non-Muslim majority country. The app will help you figure out whether a food product is halal or not.

Developed by the Malaysian Islamic Development Council, using the app, you can scan or search foods to see whether they are halal verified or not. This app is a must for when traveling since you may not know whether certain foods are fit for consumption or not.

  1. HalalTrip
    Another Islamic app you will find useful while traveling is the HalalTrip app. The app will ensure your trip to a non-Muslim country is compliant with the fundamentals of Islam.

They provide travel packages to countries such as South Korea, Japan, and Jordan. The app has everything from Muslim-friendly places to visit and stay at, along with a guide to places offering halal food.

The app has everything you need to make your trip to a foreign country comfortable and hassle-free.

  1. Quran Hero
    There is nothing like reading and comprehending the Holy Quran in Arabic. If you wish to learn the original language of the Holy Book, then Quran Hero is the best app.

The app has lessons on basic and advanced Arabic language courses. Users can learn the language in under a year, according to app developers. Arabic is a difficult language to learn; however, the app starts with basic alphabets and progresses with more advanced aspects of the language for easy learning.

  1. Islamic GPS
    GPS, or a global positioning system, is used to navigate and find places worldwide. Islamic GPS app is focused on finding and locating Islamic buildings and places.

The app can be used to locate mosques and other Islamic heritage sites. It is the app you need while traveling abroad to find places that interest you easily.

  1. Hadith Collection
    A dedicated app for all the authentic traditions of the Holy Prophet (SAWW). You can have a complete collection of Hadith on your mobile phone.

The app is easy to navigate, and you can browse through books of Hadith or use the search feature to get all the Hadith on a single topic. The app includes 14 authentic books of Hadith.

  1. IslamQA
    It can be challenging to get answers to questions about Islam. It is difficult to find an authoritative figure knowledgeable in every aspect of life.

The app can help you get answers on various everyday topics. It also contains ‘fatwas’ or edicts which you can look up and use as a guide.

  1. IslamAudio
    Get Islam knowledge in an audible format. IslamAudio has a large collection of popular Islamic books in an audible format.

You can listen and gain knowledge on a variety of Islamic topics. The audible nature makes learning extremely accessible.

The apps mentioned above are a small selection of resources available to learn and understand Islam.

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