Wealth redistribution: Da’wah Front of Nigeria distributes Zakaat to 12 beneficiaries


 The Abeokuta Chapter of an Islamic Organisation, Da’wah Front of Nigeria, has distrib­uted the ‘2022 Zakaat’ to twelve worthy beneficiaries to less privileged Muslims within the community.

During the exercise at the Egba Central Mosque, Kobiti, Abeokuta, the Ogun State capi­talovertheweekend, the Nation­al Coordinator of Front, Alhaji Musliudeen Gafar described the distribution of Zakaat, the third pillar of Islam, as ‘Islam in Action.’

Alhaji Gafar, said the exer­cise was a demonstration of contents of Islam literatures and the command of Allah.

Represented by the Deputy National Coordinator, Professor Sheriff Adewuyi, Alhaji Gafar explained that the exercise was structured in a way that the beneficiaries are limited to the immediate chapter before con­sidering others.

He explained that since the approval by the National body of the organisation, Abeoku­ta branch has distributed the Zakaat on three occasions, ap­pealing to all members to ensure continuity of the programme.

He also hinted that the organ­isation will continue to monitor the progress of the beneficiaries for the next six months.

“To the beneficiaries, I appeal to you to make judicious use of the Zakaat, we will continue to monitor you for the next six months, because the essence of it is for you to be successful in your trades so that you can also begin to pay Zakaat in the near­est future,” he said.

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