Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Organization empowers 40 youths with ICT training


No fewer than forty (40) Youths from four different southwestern states of Nigeria have benefitted from computer and internet-based (ICT) training organised by an Islamic Organization known as Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society.

Speaking with journalists at the University of Ibadan Conference Center shortly after addressing and presenting the certificate to the participants, the National Chief Imam of Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society, Imam Fuad Adeyemi maintained that Al-Habibiyyah is a multi-faceth organization that does many things to improve the development of mankind.

He also charged youths to desist from any form of crimes, ranging from cybercrime, (Yahoo Yahoo) to ritual money making among others.
He said, “the youths in our country are now getting derailed and we only complain and nobody is doing something serious about it and those that are doing something are not even doing enough. So today we gather here to train our youths on ICT because the issue of Yahoo Yahoo thing and other quick means to get rich syndrome by our youths has become very rampant.

“The essence of this training is to curtail the abnormal behaviours among our children because we realized that when they are busy, engaged positively, they become better in the society, so this training will help them to do things by themselves, this training will assist them to do things that the entire nation will benefit from, that is why we are here bringing them from four states of the south-west to come together and learn.

“This is a continuous exercise because we started about a year ago and we have gone to each state before we now brought them together here in Ibadan for this ICT training, now we have trained them about digital skills, so many things about website designing, online marketing and every other thing that involves internet where they can seat down in their home and be making money legitimately without waiting or relying solely on their parents to do all things for them.”

“They all came with their laptop as it is the first criteria they must have before considering them for this training, and they’ve been here since Thursday, this training is for the south-west only and the next one we will be having is going to be in Abuja, so for the south-west, we have Osun, Kwara, Lagos and Oyo state, we will be having the next training in Abuja and this will comprise states like Kogi, Nasarawa, Abuja, and Kaduna, by 19th of this November, by the grace of God,” Adeyemi said.
Also in her contributions, the program coordinator of Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society Dr Rukyah Momoh Abaji said, “the essence of the training is to change the attitude of our youths from thinking that they could use ICT negatively to letting them know that this is something they can use positively for their own benefit and the benefit of Islam in general.

She further said, “we’ve taught them various apps and techniques that they can use and lots more, they have also been taught how to set up their own LinkedIn and pages so that they will also be able to advertise themselves to the world positively so, in essence, we are looking to having them empowered, having them to think differently, having them to be more courageous and more enlightened to face the world.”

“The world ahead as we all know is ICT, we want to instil that in them and we have also talked to them that leaving here they should try and learn more because what we’ve given them is the tip of the iceberg, we want them to learn more and constantly learn on their own because learning is a continuous process in everybody’s life.” She said.

Some of the participants that spoke with journalists, Master Odenike Khalid a microbiology student of the University of Ilorin Kwara state and Zainab AbudulGaniyu from Lagos state commended Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society for the privilege. They however pledged to make good use of the newly acquired knowledge to better society.

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