UNILAG Alumni donate borehole to Muslims in Abuja Community


THE Abuja branch of the University of Lagos Muslim Alumni (UMA) has donated a borehole to the main mosque at Peace Village, Lugbe, Abuja, for the use of residents of the community, particularly the Muslims.

The team lead of the UMA, Aliu Akosile, stated that members of the association decided to donate the borehole to the Peace Village mosque as part of their efforts to support Muslim communities in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

According to him, providing water for a community is one of the many ways to earn from Allah rewards that continue even after the death of the provider.

He, therefore, charged Muslims to engage in sadaqatul jariyya (voluntary charity) with a view to continuously earning rewards from such endeavours that are beneficial to mankind whether they are alive or dead.

Akosile disclosed that members of the Abuja branch of the UMA were committed to promoting da’wah (preaching Islam to the people) across the FCT.

“We want to promote da’wah in our community through the provision of support to Muslim organisations, communities and institutions.

“As Muslims, what we have done is in advancement of Allah’s commandment to give charity and provision of water is one of the most important charities,” he said.

While stating that the borehole is not only for the benefit of Muslims and the mosque in Peace Village, Akọsilẹ said non-Muslim residents of the community would also use the facility to take care of their daily water need.

This, according to him, could serve as a catalyst for the non-Muslim residents to embrace Islam.

“We never know, someday, a lot of non-Muslims in this community may accept Islam because of this. That is the kind of spirit that we should be encouraging among ourselves,” he said.

In a remark, the imam of the mosque, Abdullateef Salau, expressed gratitude to members of the UMA for their gesture to the Muslim community of Peace Village.

Salau noted that cleanliness is central to worship in Islam and water plays an important part in the purity of the Muslim faithful.

He assured the donors that the project would be judiciously used by the mosque and the entire community.

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