DASTIA empowers teachers with professional development skills


Toward increasing student achievement, Darus Salam Tafidh Int’l Academy (DASTIA) has empowered its teachers with educational skills to enhance the instructional quality of the schools.

Recently, the school organised a seminar for its teachers to broaden their knowledge and skills beyond the knowledge of subjects.

Speaking during the teacher’s seminar, the Director of Studies at DASTIA Academy, Mrs Rasheedat Oke-Olaniyan, noted that the idea of capability building is very important in all aspects and most importantly the teaching sector.

“The world is evolving, teaching and learning methodology is changing to improve easy communication between the teachers and the pupils,” Oke-Olaniyan said.

“In DASTIA, we find it highly important to empower and equip our teachers because we are building and grooming self-confidence, God-fearing and resilient future leaders. It is an opportunity for them to learn new methodologies to teach the students and achieve the best result.

She added that there are new methodologies to explore in teaching, learning and understanding the Quran, which includes understanding the psychology of the student, student best method of learning and their challenges.

“DASTIA is not just a Quranic Arabic school, it is holistic, a grooming centre for all.”

The facilitator, Lead Consultant, M Solution Consulting International, Dr Sulaiman Ogunmuyiwa, said continuous professional development skills help teachers to get to the peak of their careers.

He noted lack of staff development with regards to record keeping is responsible for several management and policy implementation problems in schools.

“ Part of the things you have to do in the school system is to ensure that you keep the right records. When the records are not there, you are going to be playing with the future of the children, who may come back to the school years after, and will not be able to trace their record,” he said

He advised schools to keep adequate records for effective management of the school as this serves as a major information tool that sustains the school and aids in achieving the educational goals of the school.

“I urge all schools to ensure that they have an adequate record, both statutory and non-statutory records because this is one of the indices to rate schools as whether they’re outstanding or they’re good, or they offer poor services.

We need teachers to keep records adequately so that for any purpose that the school wants to use it for, the records will be there and helpful.”

He appealed to the government and school owners to prioritise teachers’ development programmes to affirm teachers with the necessary skills to impact students with adequate knowledge.

Head Lead Consultant, M Solution Consulting International, Education Unit, Aisha Shobayo, said career development skills are paramount in today’s world as this opens doors for opportunities.

“Teachers need to understand the importance of record keeping and how it could help the school as a whole as this offers learners the best learning experience,” Shobayo said.

She advised the teachers to put all that they learn into practice though it may be strange to the system. “It may be difficult at first because records are something that must be done frequently and accurately.”

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