Wear your hijab with ‘swag’


Hijab is a head covering worn by Muslim women to cover their hair. It is refers to as the Islamic principle of modesty. Women wear the hijab as a means of fulfilling the commandment of God to protect their modesty. And while protecting your modesty, you can also keep your swag as a Muslim woman.

Gone are the days when Muslims are relegated to the background fashion wise. Today, Muslim fashion style is trendy and it is leading in today’s fashion world.

These days hijab fashion is not what it use to be a decade ago. From hijab street style to funky look, it is as much trending as any other main stream fashion.

For those of you who don’t know what swag is, swag is a way of dressing that highlights trendy clothing style.

You can have it as a part of your everyday wardrobe. People who follow the swag style make sure that every time they step out of their house they should make a statement.

There are different ways to ‘swagalize’ your hijab.
This include ethereal colours such as Coral and Aquamarine.

Girls who like to wear hijab with swag style usually remain confused because they don’t know how to style the hijab with swag? If you are also one of them, then stop worrying as we bring you unlimited ideas for this season. All you need to do is, do some experiments with your old hijabs and style it with a bit of fusion.

Below are some styles and ultimate guide for those who want to dress for a swag look with a hijab.

Simple hijab: The most traditional type of headscarf wrapped by almost all Muslim women. It is a headscarf that shields the head and neck but gives the face clear. The scarves come in many distinctive shades and shapes and are usually colour coordinated with ladies’ outfits.

Abaya: These are large, loosely suited garments worn by Muslim women to conceal the shape of their bodies. They are often covered in union with the hijab or niqab.

Niqab: The niqab is a union of a head covering and scarf that includes all of a gentlewoman’s appearance except for her eyes. It normally runs down to the mid-back to cover a woman’s hair and may pass down to the mid-chest in the front. It is most often carried in Arab countries, but a growing quantity of Muslim women in the west prefer to wear it. Although many scholars accept that the hijab is obligatory, only a few of them say that the niqab is.

Chador: The chador is a body-length outer attire, regularly black, worn chiefly by women in some core Arab region. It is not guarded at the front by buttons or clasps, so the lady holds it folded.

Burqa: The terms niqab and burqa are often mistakenly applied interchangeably; a niqab includes the face while a burqa envelops the whole body from the top of the head to the ground. It is the most maximum concealing of all Islamic veils. It shields the entire face, including the eyes (with a mesh cloth to see through) and the body.

Fluffy & Frilly Hijab
Hijabs made me frilly fabric have quite a summer/spring-appropriate vibe to them. The material has this quality to it where it fluffs and stands up easily, so it adds extra bulk and holds itself without much effort. Various kinds of hijab-tying styles work great with this kind of material. We recommend hijabs of lighter colors in this material.

Sleek Silk Hijab:
Silk hijab is perfect for formal occasions and events. The lushness of silk adds a certain charm and elegance to whatever it’s been used as and hijabs are no exception. They are a bit harder to control, that is the only downside, but with so many online tutorials and pins and everything, that isn’t even an issue anymore. All you need is practice. There is a whole manner of accessories available in the market today related to the hijab.

Silk hijabs are timeless and always look classy. This style is more popular. It uses a hijab cap to pin the material in place with pins and such, so it doesn’t move around much and then, as silk is shifty and slippery, to just let the rest of the material hang behind.

…to be continued

Girls are not the only one with ‘swag’. If you are a Muslim brother and you tends to keep your faith and your ‘swag’ keep to this page. I’ll be talking about how to keep your swag as a Muslim brother.

-Rauf ‘Seyi Owoyomi

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