GRAMA urges Muslim youth to synergise on capacity building


Graduate Members Association (GRAMA), an organ of MSSN, Lagos State Area Unit, has harped on the need for Muslim youths to engage in courses aimed at enhancing their capacity to meet expertise challenges confronting the society.

Speaking during the group’s yearly reportorial conference, themed, ‘Effective Leadership: The Onus of the new dawn’, president of the association, Temim Yusuf, said the group was established to address youth unemployment and also prepare students for the employment market.

He added that the conference’s theme is to address the leadership deficiency bedeviling the country.

“The theme is born out of having looked at the country and the world at large. The missing link towards attaining freedom, tolerance in Nigeria is leadership deficiency. If leadership is more effective it will bring a great impact in the world that we live in, the focus is the fact that having a look at the country and the world at large, we will see that there is no effective leader.”

He advised the youth to priortise morality, spirituality and financial stability, as this will go a long way to better the country.

“For us to have a viral society we have to have a station where the youths can better the positions that the old ones have attained.

“Monthly, GRAMA holds training sessions for members to discuss topics that will put them in good stead as professional and equip them with the requisite skills to succeed”

He added that the association is making efforts to secure internship and job opportunities for members through a joint effort with Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF).

The guest speaker, lecturer University of Lagos, Dr. AbdulHakeem Qozeem said for a Muslim graduate to stand out from other job seekers, he or she need to priortise capacity building.

“For Muslim graduate to stand out, such student must be granded with the 21st century skills. Because you cannot give what you don’t have.

Build yourself, professionally. Know the skills that are needed in your career, be aware of what is needed in the labour market, most especially, the course you take in school.

“Don’t limit yourself to the school curriculum or what you are being taught by the lecturers; endeavour to have a bigger picture of what the industry is about, such that even before you graduate, a lot of people would have heard of you.”

“ Students need to widen their experience and scope by reading books.Be an omnivorous reader, look out for demanding jobs in the labour market and align your interest with it, so that you will not be at a disadvantage.

“Also enrich yourselves with ICT skills because the world is going digital, even in entertainment industry, you never know when the skills will be beneficial to you.” he concluded.

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