LEMU trains Imams on funeral rites


The Lekki Muslim Ummah (LEMU) has organised a seminar on funeral rites in Islam for Imams in Lagos State.

The seminar took place at the premises of the Lekki Central Mosque, Lekki, Lagos.

The training session was facilitated by two Islamic scholars: Prof. AbdulGaniy Akorede Agbarigidoma of Al-Hikmah University and Mudeer, Modrasatul Khairul Adaby, Ibadan, Sheikh Tajudeen Abdulkareem Al-Adaby.

They did justice to the topics, ‘Rights of the Deceased’ and ‘Responsibilities of the Bereaved’ respectively.

Other discussants at the event included Sheikh Ishaq Adebayo Tejidini, National Missioner, Rahmat Islamiyyah Society of Nigeria and Sheikh Qamardeen Ajala, Chief Imam, Ajadi Lawal Central Mosque.

Chief Imam of LEMU, Sheikh Ridwan Jamiu, said the seminar was meant to enhance the knowledge of Imams and also to foster unity of opinions amongst the scholars.

“It is an avenue to promote knowledge. It creates a platform through which scholars cross-fertilised ideas. We have practices that are contradictory to the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). We have been sensitising people about it from our own end. But if other Imams do not have that level of awareness about the Sunnah, whenever one Imam says something somewhere and another Imam contradicts it, it creates confusion in the minds of our audience. But when the Imams come together and see the true guidance on the matter, everybody is convinced about it and imbibes it. It therefore means that our congregation will hear the same thing when it comes to funeral rites and practices,” he said.

President Muslim Community of Lagos State (MCLS) Prof Tajudeen Gbadamosi, who chaired the event, said the desire to satisfy cultural pressures and extort material gains were some of the reasons alien practices introduced to funeral rites.

“However, if it is only one person that gets better informed; one person who decides that he is going to abandon bida’h (innovation) and practise Islam as it ought to be practised, that’s good enough for us. I think the officers of the mosque are dismayed by the proliferation of this bida’h. So, they found it necessary to organise this conference for Imams, to be better informed and better enlightened and therefore be in a better position to guide their followers. In other words, it is a case of training the trainers so that they can be more effective in the society.”

Prof. Agbarigidoma enjoined Muslims to offer for the deceased than throwing up wasteful parties and celebrations.

He sensitised the participants on how to perform the Islamic rites, comprising ritual bath, shrouding and prayers among others.

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