Ramadan: Tinubu distributes rice, sugar to over 50,000 families


Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu,  a leading  APC presidential hopeful has in the spirit of charitable gifting that accompanies the Ramadan season distributed sacks of Rice and Sugar to over 50,000 families across Nigeria. The distribution of the items which began last week, put smiles on the faces of beneficiaries with many expressing thanks through prayers for Asiwaju.

Speaking about Ramadan earlier in April, the former Lagos governor emphasised the need to “contribute to the wellbeing of those around us, give succor to people we find in need and study more how to solve problems instead of creating them,”.

He added: “Let us keep in the forefront of our minds that Ramadan also asks of us to show greater compassion, empathy and understanding, and enlightenment in how we treat and relate to one another.” “Ramadan asks of all of us to embrace acts of kindness, love our neighbors and reach out to the poor, needy and unfortunate among us.

“Our nation is one gifted by Allah with bountiful resources and a good and decent people.

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