CHI Limited offers nutrition support to Muslims at Ramadan


In the spirit of the season when millions of Muslim faithful have begun devoting themselves to fasting, prayer, and communal bonding as required during the holy month of Ramadan,  taking part in this spiritual activity means no food or drink during the daylight hours, eating one meal just before dawn and another after sunset.

With this spiritual commitment of prayers, abstinence, and reflection also comes the appointed time for replenishment and revitalisation.

Underscoring the rehydrating, rejuvenating and nourishment benefits inherent in its fruit juice and value-added dairy brands, CHI Limited encourages the Muslim faithful to complement their Sahur and Iftar meals with nutritional requirements needed to stay fit throughout the holy month, and achieve a spiritually robust as well as successful fast.

Through its latest communication campaign tagged “Let the Blessings flow from Sahur to Iftar” and “We’re with You Every Step of the Way,” deployed across TV, radio, digital and out of home channels, CHI Limited highlights the spiritual blessings associated with fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. It also assures consumers that it can play a healthy nourishing role as part of their Sahur meals by providing the body with the energy required to undertake daily activity and nourishment when breaking their fast as part of their Iftar meals.

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