Fistfight erupts inside Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia


A brawl erupted between two people on Thursday, inside the Grand Mosque in the Holy city of Makkah, according to a circulating video clip.

The security services in Saudi Arabia revealed the details of the incident.

It said: “The Special Forces for Hajj and Umrah Security found that a quarrel had taken place inside the Grand Mosque. Two people were involved in the fight, which did not result in any injuries, and legal measures were taken against them.”

A video clip showed fistfight between two people while some pilgrims tried to resolve the dispute between them, before the intervention of the Special Forces for Hajj and Umrah Security.

The statement continued: “The special forces call for the security of Hajj and Umrah to observe serenity and calm during the performance of Umrah, to pray in the Two Holy Mosques, and to glorify the rituals of Allah.”

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah also announced that holders of all types of entry visas to the Kingdom will be allowed to perform Umrah.

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