What you probably didn’t know about sacked Abuja Chief Imam Nuru Khalid


The sack of the Chief Imam of the National Assembly Legislators’ Quarters Mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Nuru Khalid, has continued to generate mixed reactions.

Many Nigerians found his removal outrageous, arguing Khalid merely expressed his constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of speech.

The Nation reported that Khalid was initially suspended from his position in the mosque after his sermon during Friday’s Jummat service.

The cleric had flayed the Federal Government for not dealing with insecurity amid high number of attacks by non-state actors.

Khalid asked his listeners not to vote for any politician who cannot guarantee them the safety of lives and property.

Here are a few things to know about him:

1. Sheikh Khalid hails from Plateau State.

2. The prominent Islamic cleric was born on October 1, 1960.

3. Sheikh Khalid had his Western and Islamic education in Jos. While studying in University Of Jos he worked as a teacher in School of Higher Islamic Studies in Jos.

4. He became the Chief Imam of the National Assembly Mosque Zone E, Apo Legislators’ Quarters, Gudu District, Abuja in 2007

5. Before becoming the Chief Imam in Apo, Sheikh Khalid had also served as the Chief Imam of Nyanya mosque also in Abuja.

6. Also called Digital Imam, Sheikh Khalid became popular for speaking truth to power over issues bordering on insecurity, and crises facing the country.

7. Due to his influence, Sheikh Khalid addresses over 5,000 People in his Friday Congregational Prayer Khutbah and his annual Ramadan Digital Tafseer, which is aired on television, radio stations and internet live stream broadcasting with viewers in Nigeria and across the world. He founded the Islamic Research Da’awah Foundation IRDF.

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