Muslim Media Watch Group warns politicians against sentimentalism


THE Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria (MMWG) has warned against playing politics of money, of religion and of tribalism, stating that this was part of the vices that led to the civil war in the country about 55 years ago.

In its Armed Forces Remembrance Day goodwill message released by its National Coordinator, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdullahi, the MMWG described as dangerous what he called the trend in the country’s civilian governance whereby money politics, tribalism, nepotism and religious politics were being amplified to the detriment of good governance, integrity, honesty and transparency.

The group lamented that about 55 years after “some dissident soldiers truncated our hard-earned independence and civil rule, the nation is ‘yet to get it right.”

It attributed the challenges facing the country to “corruption and improper and expensive system of governance, pointing out that the country must look for a cheaper system of governance by amending the constitution and reducing the take-home pay of political officeholders.

The MMWG asserted that the presidential system of government and its operation could not work in present-day-Nigeria, adding that “we should entrust the nation and our states in the hands of God-fearing people who would promote equity, justice and fairness to all.”

The group called on all office seekers in 2023 to put fashioning a new constitution for the country and fighting corruption at the centre of their campaigns.

“There cannot be unity and progress where the nation’s financial resources are concentrated in the hands of a few while millions of people die from lack of job, hunger, poverty, insecurity and disease,” it emphasised.

The MMWG commended security forces in the country for their sacrifices and warned politicians to stop fanning the ember of hatred through religious, tribal or ethnic sentiments.


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