Ahmadiya Muslim Women call for support of vulnerable children


The women wing of the Ahmadiya Muslim Jama’at have harped on training the vulnerable children across board, through impacting adequate moral and spiritual education in them.

The President, Sadr Lajna Imaillah, Women Servants of Allah, Hajiah Taofeeqah Fagbolade stated this at the press conference to commemorate 100 years existence of the group.

The press conference which was to set in motion, programs commemorating the celebration globally, particularly in Nigeria focused on development initiatives embarked upon by the women group for national interest.

She enjoined parents, especially mothers, to go back to their homes to look after the affairs of children explaining that’s the number of criminals, bandits and other social ills in the society will be reduced.

Not a regional issue

There was an agreement at the conference that social menace in Nigeria is not a regional issue and that all hands must be on deck to put an end to it to safeguard the future of youths.

She said the organisation gives trainings to men and women alike and have different programs at every stage of their lives to enable them perform their roles as good citizens of Nigeria with good spiritual and moral upbringing.

Sadir Fajolagbe said 50 percent of the jamaat were composed of women daily involved in moral, special developments and propagating islam.

If this organisation could function effectively and 59 percent of women were reformed, that would result in the supremacy of Islam, “she said.

She emphasised the impacts being made by the women group across the world specifically in areas of raising funds for construction of mosques, schools and health centers.

She noted that Ahmadiyya women in Punjab and Qadian in India Mobilised funds for the construction of the first London Mosque in Southfield, UK.

In Sierra Leone, an hospital was built while in NIgeria, the organisation established the first Qur’an memorisation school for the girls in Ilaro, which graduated 65 girls who are now in higher institutions.

This avail our members and children of the opportunity to learn the Qur’an without exposure to the opposite sex.”

She said these girls would serve as tutors in their respective localities and will be able to guide people with the light of the Quran.

“A woman with the knowledge of the Quran is enough in a home.

She trains are children and utilise her knowledge to build her family to become a true Islamic home,”she said.

Membership of Lajna Imaillah consists of women across various fields of human endeavours notably, banking and finance, education,health, social service activities and publication of materials for Islamic propagation.

Welfare activities
Their activities include empowerment programmes, social programs, social welfare activities, industry and handcraft, health programs and spiritual outreach.

It also organised medical camps, and welfare outreach, where an average of 800 people ( members and non members) have enjoyed free eye glasses opportunity, thousands have benefited from medical check up and free drugs.

Hospitals, orphanages and prisons are visited regularly by the Islamic women group.

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