Wife-Seeking Muslim Man, 29, advertises self on billboards


MORE than 2,000 people have contacted a lonely bachelor who advertised himself on billboards across Birmingham, England, in the hope of finding a wife, Daily Mail Online has reported.

Mohammad Malik, 29, took the bold step of picturing himself lying down on huge hoardings across the city with the words ‘Save me from an arranged marriage’.

He also set up a website ‘’ in order to catch the eye of a potential partner.

Since news of his unusual love search broke, more than 1,000 hopefuls have contacted him via his website.

And another 1,000 or so have slipped into his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook DMs. Mohammad, an innovation consultant and entrepreneur, told Radio Five Live how he intends to sort through the

Mohammad said he had enlisted a few friends to create spreadsheets and will then ‘audit’ his way through all the messages. The columns will include age, location (ideally UK), hobbies and personality type but said he would not focus so much on looks.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Thursday, he added: “I am definitely not against arranged marriages – it is quite a tongue-in-cheek thing to say. I think it is a 100 per cent legitimate way to find somebody but I thought let me have a crack at something else first.”

Muhammad said he took the unusual approach to find romance after the usual methods of meeting “the one” did not bear fruit.

He said: “I think arranged marriages have a place and tradition in many Islamic cultures.

“In fact, there are many studies that show that arranged marriages have many advantages.

“I just want to try and find someone on my own first.”

The singleton has also taken out similar adverts in Manchester and London but refused to reveal how much he has paid for them.

The average costs of advertising on a billboard in the UK is believed to be around £500-£600 a week, depending on location.

Giving his reasons for going to such drastic measures, Muhammad, from West London, said: “Probably because of my personality.

“I’m a creative and I love doing the most random and absurd things – as long as they are 100 per cent halal of course.

“Traditional methods such as ‘rishta aunties’ didn’t work for me so thought why not take it to the billboards.

“I have been looking for someone seriously on and off for two years I’d say.. I began casually searching just before the start of Covid.

“And I actually did find someone and was planning to get married but when the pandemic hit my freelance and consultancy work grinded to halt and I shifted my focus to pivoting my career.

“After finding my feet in my new work I began looking again after the second lockdown but without luck.

“I’ve got billboards in Birmingham, Manchester and London – which I thought would increase my chances of finding someone.

“They have been up since the New Year. A New Year, a new me!

“It’s early days but responses thus far have been in the triple digits and from some really lovely people – keep them coming.

“I’m hoping to get in touch with women I like soon.”

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