MICA prioritises adult Arabic education as septuagenarians graduate


The Movement for Islamic Culture and Awareness (MICA) Alimosho branch has emphasized the need to acquire Arabic education as enjoined by Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (SAW), as this is rewarding and also gives the chance to gain insight into Islamic beliefs and manners.

MICA Alimosho founded the institution in November 2023 and it focuses on Arabiyah and Quran memorization for only adults.

Speaking during the 7th Walimatul Quran, the Coordinator of the Madrasah, Kamil Adejumo, said the madrasah was established due to unavailability of Arabic learning centres for adults within the community.

“ When MICA realised that the adults in the community lack the opportunity to learn about their deen, the group decided to organise one, though there are numerous madrasah for children.

“The adults are another people entirely and they need to learn more about their deen because in Islam there is no excuse for illiteracy. Islam enjoined learning from cradle to grave. If you don’t learn about Allah there is no way you can worship him. And the fundamental tools you can use to worship Allah are learning the Quran. In Alimosho, I think, if I’m not mistaken, we should be the first to organize this kind of Madrasah for Adults.”

He commended the organisation and the teachers who took it upon themselves to impact the adult with the Arabic knowledge despite the difficulties encountered while impacting the knowledge.

“ I give Kudos to my co-teachers, they really tried. You know, to teach adults you have to be extra patient and it is not their fault they have so many things running in their mind. The majority of our students are business owners, civil servants, parents, and grandparents making their level of assimilation a bit slower to that of children. With the help of Allah and the perseverance of the teachers, we are able to celebrate them.”

In his remark, the Chairman, Alimosho Local Govt, Mr Jelil Sulaimon appreciated the organisers, MICA on the occasion, adding that only God could reward them abundantly.

Equally, he admonished the graduands not to abandon the Quran after graduation, saying they should continue to read the Quran at all times.

The Guest Lecturer, Chief Imam, Akbarudeen Central Mosque, Ustadh Abdullahi Akinlawon Oloore , said it is incumbent on every Muslim to acquire the knowledge of the Holy Quran.

“Globally, the universal language for Islam is Arabic, even the holy Quran is written in Arabic language. Call to prayer, the Kalimah shahada, the holy pilgrimage are done in Arabic language. He added that no one is exempted from learning the Holy Quran.

“ We must learn the Quran to learn the word of Allah, use it to worship him, to pray and to live a worthy life of a Muslim. Learning the holy books is a continuous exercise, not a one off exercise. “

In the same vein, founder of ZamZam Academy and lecturer, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Dr. Salaudeen Munirudeen Al-Riyadh, said that the world was in comatose today because people have neglected the holy Quran, stating that the return to the book of Allah is the only panacea to the problems facing the world.

He added that the Quran has the solution to all problems, be it raising a child, marital problem, financial and many more.

Ariyadih enjoined those who are yet to acquire the knowledge to enroll at the MICA Madrasah, saying it is never late to do so.

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