Anwar grows by leaps and bounds as organisation embraces peace


Second National Vice President, Anwar-Ul Islam Movement of Nigeria, Alhaji Fatai Shittu (left); National President, Alhaji Mubashir Ojelade, delivering speech and Former National Treasurer, Alhaji Ahmed Ajani during the Movement 2021 General Assembly in Lagos

Awar-Ul Islam Movement of Nigeria has advised Muslim organisations to imbibe love for stability, peace and progress to reign within the Ummah, as disunity will continue to disrepute the religion.

It will be recalled that a constitutional crisis rocked the movement, compromising its stability for a long time. In 2016 the crisis was resolved and Alhaji Mubashir Ojelade emerged as the President of the movement among other 10 executive members to pilot the affairs after a national congress in Lagos.

For the past four years the elected executives were able to minimise conflict, controversies and put the movement back on the path of respectful reckoning internally and within the Ummah.

Speaking during the 2021 General Assembly (A one-Day general Meeting of NEC Members & head of missions) of the movement, themed, ‘Awar-Ul Islam Movement of Nigeria-Moving Forward’, the National President of the Movement, Alhaji Mubashir Ojelade, said the purpose of the gathering was to make some landmark changes and new policies which will enhance the stability and progress of the movement in the future.

“We are here to discuss the affairs of the movement for the past three years since the advent of COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has limited operations of the movement to some extent and we think now is the time to reenergise our motive and mission.

“We are a very old organisation founded in 1916 and the first Muslim voluntary association to be registered under the law, we have branches all over the country.”

While analyzing major achievements of the movement in the past four years, he said the administration has undertaken an extensive review of the movement’s constitution. “On 8th January 2017, the NEC passed a resolution for the circulation of minutes of our meetings, thereby laying to rest persistent agitations of about 40 years on the matter.

“ We created for the first time in the history of the Movement an education policy and conditions of service for staff of the movement and the movement’s schools.”

Ojelade also noted that the mission has formulated the first election guidelines and regulations for the movement to minimize election related crises. “ Guidelines and regulations applicable for the appointment of a new National Chief Imam or Missioner when the need arises were also made. We undertook a major review of the movement’s code of conduct and mode of worship, which was also translated to English. We changed the movement’s logo to remove the controversy and uncertainty surrounding the symbol on the old logo.

“The administration introduced issuance of certificate to mission upon conferment of mission status. For the first time in history, two limited liability companies were incorporated for the movement. We widened the space for our Missions to participate in the affairs of the movement by granting new or additional seats for several Missions in the NEC. In an unprecedented fashion, about N20 million was donated to support development projects in various Missions across the country.”

He also mentioned that the movement is planning to establish an orphanage home, start a water business, build a National Central Mosque that will include, clinic, events hall, secretariat and others.

The guest lecturer, National Itinerary Missioner, Imam Mudasir Bello said, to overcome the challenges bedeviling the country; it is incumbent on every Nigerian to promote love.

“The incessant unrest witnessed in the society happens due to lack of love among citizens. It is love that brings peace and progress.” He urged Muslim to imbibe the act of charity, as that will promote love as encourage by the holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). “ The rich should endeavor to help the poor and the government should endeavour to provide basic amenities, jobs for citizens as this will reduce the level of insecurity.” He also urged the poor to desist from criminal activities, as this will only continue to make the country uninhabitable for everybody.

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