Declare bandits terrorists -TMC urges Federal govt.


As Nigeria continues to face challenges, the national leadership of The Muslim Congress (TMC) has proffered workable solutions to some of the developmental challenges.

The group urged the Federal Government to declare bandits as terrorists as their activities have created an atmosphere of fear and amplified the high rate of insecurity.

Chairman, TMC Committee on Social Mobility, the Economy and Politics, Alhaji Abdul Wasi’i Bangbala, while addressing newsmen on state of the nation, series 19 on issues bedeviling the nation, he said it is high time that the bandits were declared as terrorists because of the atrocities they have been committing especially in recent times.

“It no longer makes sense to treat them with kid gloves since we have seen that they have no intention of repenting and doing away with their bad ways. He noted that the actions of the Zamfara and Katsina state governments in granting amnesty to the bandits before now did not yield any tangible result because the bandits simply returned to kidnapping, killing and maiming innocent citizens after enjoying the financial largesse from the two states.

“ In just three months in 2021 in Kaduna State alone, bandits killed 343 people while 830 were abducted. What would anyone say were the sins of the innocent people who were killed and abducted? The magnitude of the killings and abductions should never be tolerated in any sane society.

The group supported Governor Nasir El-Rufai call for the declaration of bandits as terrorists by the Federal Government. “This will ensure that the military can go all out in the decimation of these enemies of the State. This is the only way that we can put the menace of bandits behind us in the country.

“We have seen their audacity in laying ambush for members of the military forces and killing them. We have also seen the recent bombing of the Abuja-Kaduna rail line by these mindless people.

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