Groups urge Nigerians to embrace exercises as lifestyle


Human Concern Foundation International (HCFI) in collaboration with Congress Guard (a department of The Muslim Congress (TMC) and Centre for Global Peace Initiatives (CGPI) has urged Nigerians to embark on regular exercise to keep fit and avoid serious illness.

During the exercise tagged ‘2021 Walk for Like’ the participants trekked from LASPARK Gardens Jibowu to Maryland Roundabout and back to LASPARK Gardens Jibowu,

Speaking during the walk, the Executive Director of Human Concern Foundation International (HCFI), Prof. Ibrahim Oreagba, said the walk is meant to create awareness on the need for regular exercise and about 300 people participated in the walk to burn calories.

He noted that daily exercise promotes life quality and prevents chronic diseases.

“ Exercising regularly lowers your chances of developing diabetes, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke and cancer.”

The Executive Director Global Centre for Initiative (CGPI), Dr. AbdulRasak Ogunmoye, said exercise is one of the ways to take care of health.

“Muslim Congress in conjunction with HCFI and CGPI and other Islamic organization, like NASFAT were also participating in the walk for life, for healthy living, for peace and unity. He urged Nigerians to stay healthy and one of the ways to do this is to do daily and consistent exercise.

The Naibul Amir, Administration of the Muslim Congress National Headquarters, Mikaheel Animashaun, said the groups organised the program yearly for Nigerians to keep fit and avoid visiting doctors regularly. Though there are rare occasions you needs to see the doctor, but with regular exercise one will keep fit and prevent terminal ailments.

“ We are also doing this walk to pass a message to Nigerians and the whole world that being together is where our strength lies. we don’t need to call for balkanization of the country, we don’t need to agitate unnecessarily.

Though there are numerous challenges in the country and the government is trying but can do better. Walk for life, unity, endurance is a message to the Nigerian government, United Nations, that unity is important.

He urged the government to ensure and maintain Justice because you cannot achieve unity while jettisoning justice and equity.

The Chief Imam of Lagos House of AssemblyCentral Mosque, Dr, AbdulHakeem Abdulateef noted that physical fitness helps to improve cardiovascular health, prevent diseases and teaches endurance.

“What we need as a nation in this particular transition is the spirit of endurance. We need to endure and learn how to maintain balance. Many people suffer from muscular and joint stiffness or pains, doing fitness exercise like this, helps to overcome many health challenges.

“As a nation this walk is also about unity, we say we walk for unity, we want all Nigerians to once again tolerate one another irrespective of race, colour, tribe and language. We must be able to come together as Nigerians, move this nation forward. All Nigerians must think as one, we are better together than divided.”

The Secretary General of The Muslim Congress (TMC), Hassan Taiwo Adeshina, said there are numerous health benefits in walking and Prophet Muhammad encourages it.

“ The Prophet (SAW) teaches us that a strong and healthy Muslim is more beneficial in the sight of Allah than a weak Muslim. Meaning it is not good to live a sedentary lifestyle. You have to live active life style; Islam promotes good health, physical exercise,” he said.

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