TMC Independence lecture to tackle challenges bedeviling Nigeria


A reputable Islamic organisation, The Muslim Congress (TMC) has called for deep reflection and dialogue to solve the challenges besetting the country, noting that Nigeria has suffered setbacks in every facet of life.

To mark Nigeria at 61 and address the challenges, the group has kicked off its all-week civic engagement campaign to raise awareness and proffer solutions.

While addressing newsmen at a press conference heralding the week-long programme, the Waali of The Muslim Congress, TMC, Alhaji Abdul Waheed Omotunde said, “without any iota of doubt, the country has suffered major setbacks in almost every facet; economy, security, leadership, infrastructure and many more. These setbacks can, of course, be traced to a myriad of debilitating factors, chief among which is the lack of focus on and sustenance of the country’s strategic development plan.

“ At this stage of our nationhood, it is important to reflect, in retrospection, at how we got to where we are at this critical time, that we may work together to get to where we aspire to be as a strong, indivisible nation, united in hope and equal opportunity.

“It is against this background that The Muslim Congress, Lagos State, is embarking on an all-week civic engagement program to raise awareness about the multitude of challenges besetting our nation at this very delicate time in the hope that we can, through public dialogue, find the pathway to ending the deep quagmire of political and economic turbulence the country has sunk into.”

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