Lagos produces 130 Quran memorisers


About 130 Quranic Memorisers have graduated from Markaz AbdulLateef Centre for Quranic Memorisation and Arabic Studies, otherwise known as Khalwatu Tanzeel.

In the history of Quranic Memorisation in the Southwest, the Arabic institution is the first to graduate such a large number of Hufaadh (those who have successfully completed the full memorisation of the Quran)

During the graduation ceremony, the graduands recited different portions of the Qur’an before they received their certificate.

The centres founder, the former Lagos Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr AbdulHakeem AbdulLateef, said that the centre was established to enhance morality and build the character of students who will be leaders of tomorrow.

According to him, “We want people to eschew violence, imbibe righteousness, decency, charity and do away with man’s inhumanity to man and give the right interpretation to the verses of the Qur’an and ensure that these young ones commit the Qur’an to memory at this age when they aren’t distracted about the happenings in the society.”

“The centre ensures that there is a balance between Western and Islamic education, saying that students only get admitted into the centre after completing their primary school education.

“As part of measures to ensure balance between western and Islamic education, AbdulLateef said Khalwatu Tanzeel admits students only after they might have completed their primary school education.

“When they finish the Memorisation of the Qur’an and become very fluent in speaking Arabic as a language, which is one of the three major languages in the world, they would have learnt Islamic tenets at a young age to live a decent life. Then they will proceed to the secondary school after which they become professionals in different Fields,” he added.

The centre’s Director of Studies, Alhaja Bilikis AbdulLateef, said Quran memorisation widens the brain, adding that, “they are not here to play, they are here to learn.”

According to her, for somebody to memorise the whole of the Qur’an in just three years, you should know it is a very great work. It’s not a joke. That is how we train them. No matter how, when they get to their various schools, they would be leaders because they have already learnt the words of Allah.

“There’s a testament when one of them was graduating, the mum came to me and said I’ve seen one of the miracles of the Qur’an that my child that was not in school for like three years, after just one sitting for the examination, he got 8As and that is one of the benefits of the Qur’an because it widens their brains. It tells them to be serious, focused. That is exactly what we do at Markaz AbdulLateef.”

The guest speaker, Sheikh AbdurRahman Ahmad described the Qur’an as the ‘Grundnorm’, a German word for order or rule.

“It is the constitution. it’s the book of ethics, the book of morals in Islam, to that extent, it has benefits. At another level, it sharpens their intellect because memorizing the 600-page revealed book and recalling it goes a long way in training the brain and the mind, as well as character.

“The discipline that goes into the memorisation of the Qur’an will go a long way in ensuring the entrenchment of discipline in their lives. Children their age are still playing football and many other things, but at this age, they have this much imprinted in their brain, that tells you that they’re ready to take on the world,” he added.

Sheikh Shafii, the Grand Mufti of Conference of Islamic Organisations (CIO), said, “we must believe in it, see it as a divinely revealed book from God that will guide our lives. It’s a must for all to read it, make use of it and if we want to judge, we must use it.”

Addressing the graduands, Sheikh Shafii told them to shun evil deeds of any kind, saying committing them can make them to easily forget the memorised portions of the Qur’an.

He said, “My children, I advise you, you are not like those who haven’t memorised the Qur’an. Your conduct now must change. Sins are a hindrance to effective and sustained memorisation of the Qur’an. Also, not revising regularly can be a factor. Parents should assist these children to achieve these feats.”

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