Groups harp on fear of Allah as panacea for impact of pandemic


Islamic groups have raised the need for Ummah to educate their children in Islamic ways. They also called on them to make their children focus on the knowledge of the Holy Qur’an and the saying of the Holy Prophets to shape youths to be responsible citizens.

Speaking during the 8th Ileya Children’s party oganised by Lagos Secretariat Community Central Mosque (LSCCM) and Shamsi Adisa Thomas Mosque to promote love and Islamic teachings, the Women Affairs Secretary of Secretariat Community Central mosque, Hajia Adams, said that

“Eid Kabir does not end with killing and eating of ram; the lessons are actually targeted at everybody. There are numerous lessons from the household of Prophet Ibrahim (Alaywasalam). He chose Allah above all things, he decided to give up his interest in youthful exuberances, idolatry, and others.”

She urged youths to imbibe lessons from the life of Prophet Ibrahim (Alay).

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a test from Allah (SWT), we don’t want our youth to follow the tides of society. They should submit to Allah (SWT) and sacrifice whatever is not in line with the Sunnah of the prophets.
She urged parents and guardians to be extra vigilant as the pandemic is a threat to the family institution.

“The pandemic has come and by Allah’s grace it will go if we stick to the rules and regulations set by Allah (SWT) and the government.”

The Vice-Chairman of Shamsi Adisa Thomas Mosque, old Secretariat, Alhaji Taofeek Temitayo Oshinuga said the get-together aimed at teaching children Islamic morals, Quran, daily happenings in the Islamic world, current affairs, and Islamic etiquettes.

“Infusing Islamic teaching in children will make them better citizens. They will know that Islam promotes love, sharing and giving back to the society,” he said. “Children are trust from Allah (SWT) and parents should endeavor to take good care of them by providing all their needs, including welfare, education both western and Islamic education so that they can fit into the society.”

He commended the effort of Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu for providing quality education to Lagosians. “ Continuously, he has been employing teachers to take care of children in primary and secondary schools,” he said

The Executive Director Black Children Foundation, Hajia Maryam Thoaban, while delivering her paper said to mitigate the effect of the pandemic on youths; parents should monitor their children and promote healthy communication with wards.

“All we need to do is monitor our children and promote healthy communication and a transparent relationship with them, this will make it easy for them to come to us when they are lonely or depressed.

“ In case parents are unable to help their children, they should seek professional help. But ultimately parents should pay attention to what their kids are doing,” she said.

She added that to keep children safe online, parents need to monitor them. “To monitor children, you have to be friends with them first, have good relationships with them, bridge communication gaps, communication should be open and free. We must be their confidants. If they ask a question give them the correct answer and don’t push them away. We have to encourage them, seizing their phone, scolding them will not bring any solution.”

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