‘‘Fault Primate Ayodele With Facts, Not Falsehood And Hearsays’’ – Prophet’s Aide Replies Andy Uba


Some hours ago, the campaign team of the APC Candidate for Anambra governorship election, AUCC put up an article on the internet asking Primate Elijah Ayodele, a popular prophet to stop stalking Andy Uba and the All Progressive Congress due to his many prophecies on the election.

The prophecies of Primate Ayodele on this election has obviously not favoured the APC and its candidate, Andy Uba. Many months back before the primary election of the party, Primate Ayodele had said that Andy Uba can never be a governor in Anambra state, and warned APC against giving him the ticket so coming up with this article against Primate Ayodele is understandable; they feel they are not in the good books of Primate Ayodele but have failed to realize that Prophecies are not formed by human, they are all given by the spirit of God.

Primate Ayodele’s most recent prophecy on the election talked about advanced form of rigging, and setup of candidates of other political parties in the election just to favour the candidate of the ruling party . This was a form of prophecy and warnings to the ruling party because the man of God clearly stated that it will not end up well. How was this an attack or a means of stalking Andy Uba?

Of a truth, Primate Ayodele adviced the All Progressive Congress before the primary election that if they want to make any bold statement or want their presence to be felt, George Moghalu should be chosen as the party candidate but it doesn’t guarantee the victory of the party at the polls. AAUC interpreted this statement as Primate Ayodele giving APC assurance of victory if Moghalu was picked, they don’t even correlate.

Going further, AUCC lied that Primate Ayodele in 2019 said former senate President, Bukola Saraki would win the presidential election and that Rotimi Akeredolu would lose Ondo governorship election. Thank God we have the internet that never forgets, one should begin to wonder if AUCC authenticate information before putting it out. It is on record that VANGUARD Newspapers published in 2018 that Primate Ayodele adviced PDP to give Saraki the ticket if they want to win the presidential election but they didn’t listen and we all saw the result (

On Rotimi Akeredolu, It seems AUCC members are bunch of lazy and uninformed individuals who read the headline of stories without the body. Primate Ayodele categorically stated that Rotimi Akeredolu will win the election by money, technicality, manipulation, power of incumbency, security and not as a result of the people’s mandate. We all saw what happened in the election (

Continuing, AUCC questioned Primate Ayodele’s frequent prophecies on the coming election in Anambra and APC, explaining that the man of God didn’t give any prophecy on Edo state and Bayelsa state that was won by the opposition party. First of all, AAUC members ones again goofed with this claims, at the moment, there is no prophet in Nigeria that advises government, gives prophetic advise and warnings during elections like Primate Ayodele. AUCC should google it, Primate Ayodele’s advise to the Democratic party and Joe Biden is still being celebrated as the tool that brought Joe Biden to power, He did same in Ghana, Peru, currently on Kenya and many others so Anambra is not even an issue but would the man of God keep quiet when God asked him to speak?
On Edo and Bayelsa states, It’s obvious AUCC members were fast asleep, snoring when Primate Ayodele was celebrated as the only prophet who prophesied the victory of Godwin Obaseki in Edo state even when the odds were against the governor. This facts can be confirmed on the internet with the links provided (

Also on Bayelsa, there isn’t need to say much because AUCC clearly don’t have the mental and intellectual facility to authenticate information before churning it out. Primate Ayodele is even being described as a PDP prophet due to his many prophecies that has favoured PDP which includes the victory of PDP (

Andy Uba’s campaign team have embarked on an impossible mission to fault Primate Ayodele’s genuineness as a man of God because his prophecies don’t favour them. It would have been easy if they can come up with facts, not falsehood and hearsays.

Primate Ayodele will never give them that publicity by replying but his words still stands, Andy Uba will never be governor of Anambra state except they embark on an advance rigging which will lead to an uprising in the state, as prophecied by the man of God. The election will be coming November, let’s keep fingers crossed.

Written By Oluwatobi Ojasope, an aide of Primate Elijah Ayodele, the Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church.

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