Daru Da’wah graduates 137 students, condemns mudslinging among Muslim clerics


The Mudir (Proprietor) of Daru Da’wah Wal Irshad, Isolo, Lagos, Sheikh Ridwanullah Mustapha Zuglool Sanusi has expressed displeasure on the ongoing mudslinging among Islamic Scholars in Nigeria noting that the fracas is usually propelled by difference in thought and understanding of the Holy Quran and teaching of the holy Prophet (SAW).

The scholar suggested that an association that would be monitoring and checkmating religious activities of scholars should be established.

“Daru Dawah Wal Irshad is an Arabic and Islamic institute established in 1970 by the late renowned historian and linguist, Sheikh Mustapha Zuglool Sanusi, who died in 2017. The prominent institute has, over the years of its establishment, produced thousands of Muslim scholars across various fields of human endeavor,” The Mudir said.

Mudir made this call while addressing students, parents and guests during the 2021 graduating ceremony of the institution in Lagos State.

He said, that whenever two individuals opinionate in different ways, a conflict arises and this should not be so when it comes to Islam because all Islamic scholars are working in the interest of Islam.

“All the clerics are working on the same course to propagate Islam through the Quran and Sunnah, though some of the way they understand it is different.
Sanusi bemoaned the act of posting disputations of clerics on social media, which is disuniting the Ummah.

“By forming the association, it would rectify this challenge. That organization would be a body that will be monitoring the script, book research and when there is a problem among clerics, they would resolved it instead of going to internet to rain curse or blame on our forefathers who have worked tirelessly to ensure the spread of Islam”.

He added that part of the crisis rocking the Muslim Ummah is inability to validate Arabic qualification of people who call themselves Alfa (teachers).

“In western education the qualification of a person determines the expectation, but in Islamic education, the contrary is the case. Everybody is called Alfa (teacher), those that cannot speak Arabic nor translate a small verse from the Holy Quran are all called Alfas, this is where the problem lies”.

Khaleefatu Zuglool & Head of Academic, Daru Dawah, Sheikh Ishaq Zuglool, said part of the criteria to be a graduate of the institution is to be secondary school graduate.

“Before you can graduate from the institution, you must be versed in western education. Most of our students pass through secondary school before they are enrolled into the institution, if they have not they will enroll in secondary school while studying in the institution.”

He advised Muslim parents to change their perception about Islamic education and they should enroll their children into the Arabic institution.

“You must not limit your child to western education alone. As Muslim we need it for our daily life and the hereafter. At Darul you can be sure that you will know everything pertaining to Islam. It does not stop you from attaining your ambition in life. It does not disturb you from being a medical doctor or engineer. We have medical doctors, engineers, and lawyers as students. Having Islamic education does not stop you from achieving your worldly ambition,” he said.

He added that the certificate issued can be used for further studies in any university in the Arabian world, most especially, in Saudi Arabia. Egypt and even Baghdad.

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