NAHCON to refund pilgrims as Saudi Arabia cancels 2021 Hajj


The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria on Saturday said it would comply with the cancellation of the 2021 Hajj by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, being the second time in two years since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The commission promised that pilgrims who requested refunds of their deposits for Hajj would be granted the request without delay.

The Head of Public Affairs, NAHCON, Fatima Usara, said these in a statement signed on behalf of the commission’s Chairman/CEO, Alhaji Zikrullah Hassan.

The statement read, “NAHCON has received news of the cancellation of Hajj for international pilgrims for the 2021 season. The commission’s officials in Saudi Arabia have confirmed that state television and radio stations in the Kingdom have announced the news.

“NAHCON respects the decision of Saudi Arabia in this regard, no matter how painful that decision may be to us and to intending pilgrims worldwide.

“As in the previous year, those pilgrims who request refunds of their deposits for Hajj will be granted such without unnecessary delay.

“As for those who would still wish to roll over their funds, the commission strongly urges them to wait for further advice and decisions by the board.”

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