Companion urges CAN to stand for justice


The Companion (Association of Muslim Men in business and Profession), Lagos District has condemned the recent statement by the National Secretary of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), accusing President Muhammadu Buhari of taking side with the Palestinians in the renewed conflict with Israel.

Amir of the group, Abdul-Ghani Adegbenga Abdul-Majeed alleged that Nigeria has yielded to the request of the President of Turkey – Mr. Recep Erdogan, who during a telephone conversation with President Buhari sought Nigeria’s support for Palestine.

“Though we are not spokesmen of President Muhammadu Buhari or the Federal Government, but, as a concerned organisation and stakeholder in Nigeria, we wish to call on CAN leadership to exercise constraints and issue statements based on facts instead of speculation and figments of their imagination.

“First, there is nothing official or un-official to suggest that Nigeria is openly or covertly supporting Palestine. Second, CAN leadership is portraying Christianity as a religion of oppression and hypocrisy where might is right.”

Abdul Majeed said CAN leadership failed to realise that the conflict in the Palestinian territory (Gaza) is not about religious fight between Islam and Christianity. It is about genocide, oppression, apartheid, and violation of human rights, injustice and economic domination being perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinians.

He said: “The whole world has cried out against Israel and people of all races including Jews in diaspora, have held demonstrations in major cities of Europe, America and Asia condemning the Israeli aggression and destruction of Palestinian territory and wanton bombing of children, women and the aged, as well as buildings housing media organisations such as Associated Press and Al-Jazeera.”

He urged the leadership of CAN not to allow their hatred for Islam or any other religion or group to justify and promote violence and crime against humanity. They should not be seen to be endorsing the killing of defenceless Palestinians, some of whom are Arab Christians.

“They should not be seen to be happy with violence as long as they are perpetrated by Jews whom CAN leadership is equating with Christians to deceive their followers in Nigeria. If CAN leadership does not know, it should be educated that the percentage of Palestinian Christians is more than the percentage of Israeli Christians, Abdul Majeed added.”

We strongly advise CAN stand up on the side of Justice and Humanity, because, God Almighty is Just. We hasten to remind them of the words of Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa that: “If you are neutral in a situation of injustice then you have chosen the side of oppression.”

By Shakirah Adunola

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