Porous borders treat to Nigeria’s security, says cleric


The Founder of Luth- Fulah International, Sheikh Mohammad Robiu Adebayo Abdul Malik, has called on the government to tackle the insecurity challenges in the country, which has assumed a formidable dimension.

The scholar while addressing pressmen during the group’s Lailatul Qadr gathering noted that Nigeria’s porous borders is one the factors that create insecurity in the country.

“How can you travel about 100km and you will not pass through a tollgate? There is nowhere in the world that you will see such. All the countries I visited in this world there is no one without tollgates,”

He added that security operatives should be stationed at each of the tollgates to monitor movement of people going in and out of the state.

“ If the government is ready to tackle insecurity in the country, they know the solution. How will there be link roads with no security operatives to monitor activities of people going in and out of the state. There will be no solution to insecurity if there are no tollgate, and security operatives must be on a standby to monitor movement of people,” he said.

Abdul Malik urged Nigerian leaders and politicians to uphold moral values and virtues in all their conduct.

“ Bribery and secret settlement should be avoided because they are a threat to our institutions. Everybody believes that if they are able to settle they will go unpunished.”

He urged Muslims to testify more in prayers to safeguard themselves from the vices rampaging society. How many Muslim are steadfast with prayers nowadays? Most Muslims of today are nominal Muslims, they are low spiritually. If you are not steadfast in Islam there is no how you can grow spiritually. People don’t spend much time in prayer, they are always in a hurry and they keep complaining that their prayers are left unanswered.”

Abdul Malik, advised Muslims to go back to Allah and be steadfast in Islam. “Praying to Allah for the country is a debt to be paid by Muslims or non Muslims. Because you have nowhere to go, even when you move out of the country you will still be referred to as a Nigerian. “

He urged Muslims to remain steadfast after the Holy fasting and ensure they did not go back to their evil deeds.

“He who goes back to bad deeds after Ramadan is not a good Muslim.”

The Chairman of Luth- Fulah International Council of Elders, Alhaji Musa Adekunle Salisu, said Lailatul Qadr is a Holy night in which a lot of benefits are derived in terms of forgiveness and acceptance of prayers. “ We thank God we have a very good spiritual father who has a keen interest for his followers and Nigerians. He uses most of his time to pray for peace to reign in the country.”

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