Sanwo-Olu to install 2,000 cameras across Lagos to tackle insecurity


Lagos state Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has revealed that his administration is set to install no fewer than 2,000 cameras across the state.

This, the Governor said, was in connection with the worsening security situation across the country.

“We are going to install 2,000 cameras in the whole state. We will stop at nothing at ensuring dividends of democracy,” said Sanwo-Olu

The Governor was speaking at the Special Ramadan Prayer, “Tafsir” Lecture, held at the Lagos House in Marina, on Sunday.

At the event, he assured that the proposed new Last Mile Buses, which his administration would unveil later this month would tackle the menace of commercial motorcycle operators, called “Okada”.

Speaking further on security, Sanwo-Olu said more funds would be deployed into the Security Trust Fund to empower police and other security operatives, while technology would be deployed around Lagos.

Also, expressing the same view, the National Missioner, Ansaru-deen Society of Nigeria, Sheikh Ahmad Raman called on those clamouring for secession to have a rethink.

Several groups from the South-West have recently sprung up, demanding for the actualization and freedom of the Yoruba Nation.

But while acknowledging the fact that the rate of insecurity is on the increase, Sheikh Raman said with constant prayers and change of thoughts and characters by Nigerians, the country would come out victorious.

“These are uncertain times. This is the time men are supposed to be separated from boys. This is the time that regions need to think out of the box,” said the Sheikh

“We are insecure, we are unsure, there is hunger, there is anger and confusion in the land. This is the time we need divine intervention. If we gather and pray till 2023, Allah will not listen to us till we do some things.

“This is the time action is required backed by deep thoughts for today and our tomorrow. We have often blamed leaders but we have to choose the kind of leaders we deserve. Everywhere is unsafe even the police station is not safe. We need to rejig.

“For those clamouring for division in Nigeria, maybe you should have a rethink. Ask yourself; where will this clamour for so-called independence lead us? We should reinvent this country. Nigeria will be great again.”

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