Family instability threats to insecurity, says group


Lagos State Public Service Staff Development Centre (PSSDC) Muslim Community has drawn the attention of the ummah to lapses in the family structure, which have led to increasing crime rate in the country.

The group urged the government at all levels to review its security strategies, to stop the increasing spate of kidnappings and killings ravaging the country.

Speaking during PSSDC 2nd yearly Ramadan lecture, the guest speaker: Associate professor, Lagos State University Dr. Abdul Kabir Paramole in his lecture ‘Islam and the challenges of the 21st century: Family values and social etiquette’ said that indiscipline, corruption are so pronounce due to failure of the family system.

“ Every home should endeavour to make the teachings of the Holy Quran as their background. Children should be taught the act of prayer from tender age.”

He added that children are trusted in parent’s custody and they must be properly brought up.

“We must take care of them and preserve them by implementing the teachings of Islam that have been stated in the Noble Qur’an and the teaching of the Noble Prophet (SAW)

“ Family is a bedrock of a good society and an Islamic home is subjected to guidelines and principles from the Holy Quran. It is from pregnancy that a Muslim starts to make supplication for the children to be a good children”.

He urged Muslim parents to desist from idolatry practice in the home due to the aftermath effect on children.

“If a family is good, community will be good, local government will be good, state will be good and the country will likewise be good. Train your children with religion, respect, kindness, generosity, love, good neighborliness, contentment, truthfulness, Islamic and western education and fear of Allah.

“A reliable respected family must be far from idolatry, don’t give room to that. A child who is trained in a home where they don’t practice idolatry will find it difficult to join a cult and any human who has the fear of Allah will never be involved in any social vices.”

A spiritual leader, Imam Abdulkareem Shefiu Majemu, said security is sacrosanct, even Allah in his infinite mercy promises to secure humans irrespective of their belief towards him. “ Allah takes security as something fundamental and for every government you must ensure adequate protection for the citizen,” he said.

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