COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for Hajj, Umrah workers in Mecca and Medina


Coronavirus vaccines will be made mandatory for those workers serving Hajj and Umrah activities, as well as those working in shops in Mecca and Medina, according to a circular from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing.

Those serving pilgrims will have to be vaccinated by the first day of Ramadan, according to the circular.

The Ministry said that in the event that a worker is not immunized in, they must perform a PCR test every seven days, at the expense of the facility in which they work for.

The latest news comes as Saudi Arabia has mandated that workers in certain fields will be required to take a PCR test every seven days at the expense of their employer if they are not yet vaccinated.

Employees in barbershops, female salons, restaurants, cafes, and food outlets must be vaccinated starting from May 13, the ministry said.

Ramadan is expected to start this year on April 12 and last for one month while the annual Hajj pilgrimage is expected to take place on July 17, both depending on the sighting of the moon.

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