Kwara Anglican Communion suggests ways to resolve hijab controversy


The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Ecclesiastical Province of Kwara, on Saturday, March 20, called for a peaceful resolution of the Hijab controversy rocking the state.

To achieve this, the church advised the Kwara Government to revisit the original document stating the terms of the partnership with grant-aided mission schools.

The Anglican Communion also called on the Kwara House of Assembly to intervene and ensure that peace reigns in the state.

This is contained in a statement signed by the Archbishop of Kwara, The Most Rev. Israel Amoo, in Ilorin on Saturday.

According to the statement, the Supreme Court is yet to rule on the issue concerning the schools.

“The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Kwara state held several consultations with the state government and subsequently made the position of the owners of the Christian schools known in very clear and unambiguous terms.

“We absolutely align with the position of CAN and restate that we do not allow the use of hijab in our schools, as it negates our belief and doctrinal principles, on which the schools were founded in the first place.

“Furthermore, we are aware that there is a matter in the Supreme Court concerning these schools, as law-abiding citizens, we ought to maintain status quo pending the outcome of the matter,” the statement read in part.

The Anglican Communion condemned the attacks on Christians and their properties while advising the government on the way forward.

“The resort to attacks on our people and properties will do no one any good but may result in the conflagration the effect of which no one will be able to imagine.

“We, therefore, counsel as follows: That the state government should revisit the original document stating the terms of the partnership which the Kwara State government envisaged in 1974.

“That the exercise of the right to attend a school presupposes that the student will abide with existing school rules, regulations and fundamental principles.

“That Nigeria and every part thereof is constitutionally a secular state and any attempt to surreptitiously make Kwara an Islamic state as have been erroneously mentioned in some quarters is unfortunate, insensitive and unlawful.

“We appeal to the Kwara State House of Assembly to step in and ensure that peace reigns in the State of Harmony.”

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