Insecurity: Government insensitive, tending towards irresponsibility —UniAbuja Chief Imam


THE Chief Imam of the University of Abuja, Professor Taofiq Azeez, has declared that despite the fact that the Nigerian government has the capacity to stem insecurity in the country, it seems to be insensitive and inclined towards irresponsibility.

Professor Azeez, who made the declaration in a statement entitled ‘State of the Nation’, said that to say that Nigeria was sliding into “dangerous anarchy” was an understatement.

According to him, the government’s basic responsibility, as constitutionally guaranteed, is security of lives and property.

Professor Azeez said: “That Nigeria is sliding into the most dangerous and violent anarchy is an understatement.

“That government responsibility is basically security of life and property is also a constitutional fact. But accountability to man and God is the truth that we seem to have chosen to ignore.

“It is believed that government has the capacity to stem insurgency and other critical violent crimes compounding our insecurity. But it seems government is insensitive and tending towards irresponsibility.

“I, therefore, urge Mr President and all political and government actors to fear Almighty Allah who is not want of evidence against us all, and to Whom we shall return and account.”

Reacting to reports of government mulling another lockdown in the country following recent spike in cases of COVID-19, Azeez advised against such a move, saying it would have aggravating effects on Nigerians.

He stated that the government should instead intensify public enlightenment, enforcement of the necessary protocol, among other measures.

“I also urge the government not to actualise another lockdown in spite of the raging second wave of COVID-19. This is because of the certain aggravating effects of this on the already livid anger of the various sections of the Nigerian society.

“I, therefore, advise the government to intensify public enlightenment, enforcement of the necessary protocol and open, sincere and transparent administration of palliative and cushion effects of the disease.

“These measures will be better than resorting to another lockdown which may spell doom to the already volatile situation,” he said.

While urging Nigerians to be prayerful and patient, Professor Azeez advised Nigerians to be vigilant and compliant with safety rules and prayed Allah to protect and save Nigeria from collapse.

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