Group stresses on role of caregivers in curbing child abuse


The Young Muslim Association (TYMA) has called on parents and guardians to join in the fight against Child abuse in the country.

The group noted that Child abuse of children and teens remains an insidious phenomenon in Nigeria and the fight against child molestation begins with parents teaching their children.

Speaking during a virtual conference organised by TYMA to commemorate the United Nations 2020 World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse, the Lagos State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Mrs. Cecilia Bolaji Dada, called on parents to train and nurture their children so that love and goodness will be awakened in their heart.
“ With good parenting, children would develop their full potential,” she said. Lagos state Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives, Dr. Lola Akande, advised stakeholders to provide the right atmosphere in order to encourage children.

“Children represent the future of our nation and it is our collective responsibility to protect this future and ensure it is bright. They have the right to life, education, shelter, food and a good environment to thrive. Since children are dependent at this stage, they should be guided adequately to adulthood.”

He urged adults not to misuse the trust children have in them during mentorship and training so that the children will have a meaningful life afterwards.

The National Coordinator of TYMA, Ambassador Musliudeen Owolewa, called on stakeholders (Parents, Teachers, Religious and community leaders, NGOs and Government) to join the campaign on Child Abuse in order to secure the future of the world.

Past National Coordinator of TYMA, Alhaji AbdulAzeez Ajala, said that children are blessings from God, therefore, they should be loved and well taken care of as a gesture of appreciation to God.

He called on faith and Non-faith based NGOs to join TYMA campaign on child abuse or start their own independent campaign to end child trafficking and bullying in the country.

A psychologist and research fellow at the University of Ibadan, Saheedah Adetayo, while delivering lecture on ‘Child Bullying’ emphasized on the need for parents to be closer to their wards for proper observation of any act of bullying.

She encouraged parents to be part of the online experiences of their wards and seek help from counselors or social workers when necessary.

Executive Director of the HelpMate Foundation, Hajia Roaseedah Opere, while delivering lecture on ‘Child Trafficking’ advised parents to strive to make provisions for their wards and train their wards to be contented with the available provisions in order to reduce the menace of Child Trafficking in the country.

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