‘How clerics can strengthen campaign against crime in Nigeria’


The need for the clerics to play a pivotal role in curbing crises bedeviling the country has been stressed.

The Founder of Lutful-Lahi International, Sheikh Mohammed Robiu Adebayo Abdul Malik, has implored religious leaders to use their God-given influential power for societal development and harmonious relationship among the citizenry.

Sheikh Robiu, who noted that all social crises have their origins from the collapse of marriage, politics, economy, education, and family institutions, said religious institutions should take up the responsibility of curbing crises in the country.

He stated that crime and violence are on the upsurge due to the collapse of morality and social values in the country.

The renowned Islamic scholar, who gave the advice during the group’s Maolud Nabiyy celebration in Lagos, explained that religious leaders have the power to raise awareness, influence change in attitude, behaviour, and practices of their followers.

“Virtually all the citizens of the country are a member of one religious group or the other and they worship under a cleric who feeds them with words of God either Muslim or Christian.”

He advised clerics to shun material benefits over spiritual gain.

“Virtually, all the political leaders have one cleric that feeds them with words of God, but it is a pity their impact is not felt. Most of them are ceremonial clerics, it is during Ramadan or festive period we hear their voices. But their major duty is to admonish them with the Quran and the Sunnah of the holy prophet (SAW). If they refuse to deliver the words of Allah due to fear, loss of position, or material gains, Allah (SWT) will surely punish them on the Day of Judgment because they will ask about the affairs of their community.

“Clerics’ efforts should be towards achieving a balanced society not amassing wealth. A cleric must not allow the government to compromise them or stop them from preaching the truth. Their admonition should be against those whose actions negate religious teachings, irrespective of their political standing,” he said.

He urged the government to empower the youth with basic skills, acknowledging that the hoodlums, which the country refuses to empower, hijacked the #EndSARS protest.

According to him, the situation in the country will persist if the government refuses to address the problem of youth empowerment.

“The government should provide basic amenities for citizens. Anybody that does not have means of sustenance will probably end up being a miscreant. Most of those who hijacked the protest were homeless. Arresting them is not the solution. If the government continues to arrest and imprison them, the whole Lagos would be used to build prison yards,” he said.

He added that every political appointee should endeavor to include the establishment of skill training institutions and companies in their manifesto.

“All political leaders should tell us the number of companies they approve and the number of people they will employ. They should also establish institutions that will train the youths who don’t have access to education and after training, they should be immediately employed,” he said.

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