Muslim community petitions police over threat to life, wrongful demolition of mosque in Lagos


The Muslim Community in Papa Ajao area of Mushin, Lagos State are now living in palpable fear over wrongful demolition of their mosque and alleged threat to lives of members.

The Muslims community of Tawakalitu Mobolorunduro Mosque told The Guardian that the mosque, which was donated to the community by the late owner, Alhaja Tawakalitu Abeje, is about to be forcefully taken over after the house, which harbours the mosque, was sold.

In a petition to the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 2, Lagos, the community has appealed to the police to protect them against the hoodlum who have been tormenting the lives of their key members in recent times over the said property.

The petition signed by their legal Counsel, Shakirullahi Obale alleged illegal invasion, forceful demolition of the mosque and threat to life.

He alleged that the property was sold by one Yusuf Babatunde Dawodu who claimed to be the grand child of late Alhaja Tawakalitu Abeje who donated the land on which the mosque was built, while she was alive.

However, he noted that the owner has willed the mosque to the Muslim community legitimately.

According to the petition, the Mosque located at No. 24, Ojekunle Street, Papa Ajao, Mushin was said to have been suddenly invaded at about 9 a. m on October 11, 2020 by thugs and armed personnel who attacked the mosque, forcefully sending the congregation out with threat to their lives and commenced demolition.

The members, who claimed to be scared and afraid of the next action of the hoodlums, alleged that some unidentified men attacked the mosque earlier searching for the Imam and other stakeholders to make them sign some documents under durress.

According to the petitioners, moment the situation was degenerating, they reported the incident at Police Station, Olosan, Mushin, the complaint was documented, but they were told by the officer in charge, that the police have nothing to do with the complaint.The Muslims claimed that the mosque was properly bequeathed to the Muslim community by the owner, late Alhaja Tawakalitu Abeje.

According to them, the landed property was ceded to the Muslim community “through the Codicil declared on the 9th day of December, 1995 by the owner, Alhaja Tawakalitu Abeje to her Will dated 19th day of October, 1979 where she bequeathed the portion of the mosque to the Muslim Community, and they have been using the Mosque from the life time of the owner with the public observing their regular religious activities therein without hindrance, inconvenience, disturbance from any quarter until the above mentioned incident.” Efforts to get the reaction of Dawodu were unsuccessful, as he did not pick his phone calls nor respond to text message seeking enquiries.

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