TMC supports youth empowerment with new facility


The Muslim Congress (TMC) has commenced the building of a Youth Development Center in Lagos State to equip young minds with skills, which will develop, build-up their value-system and enhance their leadership ability.

Speaking during the group’s yearly lecture themed ‘Balancing Between, Atheism & Science in a World Ravaged by Pandemic Diseases’, the Acting Director, Centre for Islamic Affairs, Nigeria Navy, Lagos State, Imam Taofiq Miqdad Gidado, said the sunnah (teachings) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a gift of Allah to humanity.

“Religion has numerous benefits, it teaches us how to live a good life. It instills hope and improves mental and spiritual health of every adherent, provides emotional and spiritual support, teaches mankind to be of good behaviour and Islam frowns against corruption and terrorism.”

Gidado added that science is from the creator of the universe Allah (SWT) and its purpose is to help humanity dominate the world for human benefit and not to destroy it. He noted that Islam does not contravene any proof in scientific fact.

TMC Public Relation’s Officer, TMC, Kamorudeen Oladunjoye, said the Youth Development Centre is a special project envisioned to empower Nigerian youth with basic life skills.

He said: “The Youth Development Centre is a special project and it was conceptualised two years ago. It was a project borne out of the observed social degradation in the society, and Nigerian youths who are supposed to be leaders of tomorrow are in the state of confusion.”

“We notice that the youths have left their high sense of usefulness and they are in a state of confusion due to the reality we are in today. They are the ones involved in banditry, armed robbery, advance fraud and all shade of crimes.He added that the aim of the centre was to transform the mind of the youths to positive change.“We have been looking forward to having our youth transform into leaders of today, but that has not been the case. This had to do with some of the situations we are battling as our current realities today. Things are not the way they are supposed to be, for instance Lagos State is the second most populous state of the federation with over 20 million inhabitant and a huge chunk of habitat of Lagos are youths”.

“Our targets are school leavers, graduates, apprentices, business owners, and traders. The centre would offer vocational training, empowerment skill, entrepreneurship skill, career development skill and leadership programs involving professionals from different works of life.

He appealed to Nigerians to contribute towards achieving the project.

“It is a massive project which is capital intensive. Our immediate plan is to acquire 3 plot of land at a centralised location in Lagos state,” he said.

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